The Elder Scrolls Online


In this new project/section we (or rather, ‘the crocodile’ for the most part) will be working on ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’, abbreviated as ‘ESO’, an award-winning online/multiplayer RPG. Unlike with previous projects focused on single-player sandbox games, this will be somewhat different.

More / different elements are at play; you can treat parts of the game as a single-player and somewhat open-ended sandbox where you can do as you please as long as you do not violate the general terms of service of the ‘powers-that-be’, which is Zenimax Online Studios (henceforth ‘ZOS’). Other elements that can come into play are more ‘themepark’-oriented, meaning you kind of consume the content, then move on until the next release cycle of new content. Or you can of course also stay on.

Then, since it’s multiplayer, there will be all kinds of interaction with people from all walks of life. These interactions can be positive, neutral, or negative.

The game was initially released in 2014, and according to the Steam page ESO has sold over 22 million copies. Yes, I can anticipate already angry comments from (usually very jaded) players. Yes, I am aware that people can and do buy multiple copies of a game, for a number of reasons. But you can maybe anticipate where we might be going with this.

The intended audience of this project is envisaged to be newer, casual & midgame players. That means, if you are looking for any type of world-record-type PVE raid compositions or the sorts you will be disappointed, and you should seek out the more specialized pundits (though I would hope you do stick around here even just a little bit, and yes I am being cheeky here :p ). It should also go without saying, but much like everything else on this platform, everything posted is an opinion. Feel free to agree, disagree, partially agree, whatever.

Topics and articles can cover a range of issues, such as general pointers, build advice, farming/leveling tips, comments on ZOS mishaps and miscommunications, the occasional technical troubleshooting advice (yes, unfortunately it’s not just The Sims that is plagued by a multitude of different glitches). I daresay it will be beneficial for quite a lot of people. Generally, we will not be making too many references to other so-called content creators, but this would warrant an entire article of its own and break the scope of this little introduction.

You may find that the ‘style’ in which the information will be packed and presented is different from other people and/or content creators. Not going into details too much yet, but you will see how this will unfold.

In line with the general ‘new direction’, this is, at least for the foreseeable future, intended as one-way-communication. You will be presented with ideas, articles, comments, maybe even shorter video clips, and hopefully some interviews with players from all different areas of ESO. Whether / how significant it will be, will depend on you alone.

I have also been informed that down the line this particular project may be moved to a new domain, but for now I shall keep going here. Some of the things will be written by other people than myself, but everything is ultimately ‘G4TW approved’, unless for certain possible outliers, like the envisaged interviews. Guest contributions will be indicated as such, at the top/beginning of articles.

Lines of communication will re-open soon, which will give people the opportunity to vent (I really don’t recommend that), or hopefully to submit ideas or other constructive comments. Do keep an eye out for the News.

Oh, one last thing maybe. Much like in the past, we are not being paid by anybody. 🙂

See you in Tamriel soon!