This is a section where we post announcements about new releases or other things related to G4TW. Feel free to check back here occasionally, and also pay attention to the date of each announcement when doing so. The latest update is always on the very top of this page here.


Tuesday February 2nd, @10:20AM C.E.T. (Central European Time)

So after spending some quality-time in an MMORPG, and some other stuff you expect to happen during “killervirus-times”, you can now find an update on the new TS4 format on the Sims-downloads page! Global Patch updated to, and DLC-folder supplemented with the SP18-file (Paranormal Stuff). Remember that as of the time of this little announcement, seeds are not active yet. You can, however, still grab the .torrent or magnet. Or, if you prefer, grab them through direct downloads.

Note that the STACK-accounts are going to get banned in about a week from now on, so again, make use of this opportunity if you really have to (= if you are not already using a VPN service for torrenting).

As always, apply the Global Patch (copy-paste-overwrite) on your TS4 install folder, then apply the SP18-folder. Though technically, you can also do it the other way round, doesn’t matter with the way the format works. Finally, re-do the DLC-toggler, and mark the WHITE entries that show up, which correspond to the DLCs that you have installed on your setup.

In other news, a few things maybe need tweaking over time here, but all in all everything seems to be working as intended, and stable enough. If you feel you cannot access this website, you are probably behind a VPN, or maybe some TOR exit nodes can also cause issues on that end. In 99.9% of cases, you should be fine with switching VPN servers, alternatively switch to a VPN server in a different country. Or if you dare, turn off your VPN temporarily, grab the download links, and before starting your (torrent) download, turn the VPN back on.

Have fun!



Wednesday January 27th, @6PM C.E.T. (Central European Time)

Due to a problem with the Linkvertise javascript, downloads were not accessible at all. This should be fixed now. Memo to us: RIP, to the “first impression matters”-meta, I guess. Memo to you: if you encounter issues like these again, wait until a small announcement here (or on the future external announcement-blog) is made.



Wednesday January 27th, @12PM C.E.T. (Central European Time)

The “big day” has come! Welcome to the new OFFICIAL Games4theworld website, which in the beginning will function as a global repository for all your download links, and later on tutorials, FAQs, and whatnot. After a comparatively long phase, during which many discussions where held, we have finally come to a conclusion regarding the future of the G4TW-platform. For now, some basics should suffice.

  •  you can find any and all important announcements here under “News”. Check the date of each announcement, too. In the long run we are planning an external announcement blog as well, so in the event this website – god forbid – goes down, we can still make public announcements. Before you form certain ideas: no, due to negative past experiences we will not be using (American) social-media platforms anymore. We just keep getting reported/de-platformed/shadow-banned/de-advertised over there.


  • we’ve added “The Sims 4 – Paranormal Stuff” to the download list named “All G4TW Sims Downloads”. It’s what we used to call on the old Forum an “Old Format Repack”, so you need to have at least “The Sims 4 – Snowy Escape” installed, before applying the new patch. Or, you can also apply it if you are on patch version or Make sure to delete your “Game”-subfolder within your TS4 installation first (ca. 300 MB in folder-size), before you apply this new patch. The update for the “New Format” (Global Patch + Global DLC-folder, incl. direct download versions) will follow in a few days from now, as always.


  • due to some internal discussions, we had to scrap a few hosting services before, so we just got started working on this new site here, and hopefully for a longer time. As said a few times already, in the beginning it will be primarily a place for download links. Over time, more tutorials, FAQs, and other info will be added. Check back under “News” here on occasion, for further information.


  • the menu “Legacy Downloads” contains the old Non-Sims & Software titles.


  • in the coming weeks you can also expect a bigger tutorial/text guide on everything having to do with using pirated downloads, and general navigation through the world of pirate sites in general. Although the guide is about 30% finished at the time of the announcement, we did not want to publish it, before completion.


  • the Indie Corner will also make a return, with soon-to-come titles and other stuff!


  • the theme/colors used on this website are still under evaluation, and subject to possible change or improvement over time.


  • more projects to come: the “Gatekeepers”-miniblog (select experiences from community management @ the old G4TW Forum), sections for certain online games.


And if we can think of more stuff, we’ll post another announcement. Thanks for reading, and this should do for now! 🙂