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Tuesday, June 6th 2023, @ 20:45 CEST

OK, a couple of things. So there’s some inconsistent behavior with the advertising service Linkvertise. Now, in the event there’s still people (after an eternity of the site being inactive) stumbling upon these links and interested in grabbing them, take note of the following. If you use a VPN you might be prompted to click on a certain symbol. Which in itself shouldn’t be an issue. When you get to the following page, go to “free access with ads”. You may be prompted to download & install some stuff, which I don’t recommend you do. Instead, click on where it leads you to downloading that software, then close (!) that new tab immediately. Back on the previous page you should see something to the effect of “I did this step already”. Clicking on that will finally lead you to the downloads page. That is, if the link still works.

The Legacy Downloads / Indie Corner (merged to one single section now) are ads-free, but the .torrent links don’t seem to work. However, the magnet links are operational. The section of The Sims 3 store items that contains direct downloads … also seems operational.

It will take quite a bit to fix everything, to even get close to “where we left off”, many years ago. An explanation as to what exactly happened, as far as it is possible to share, will follow when the time comes. No worries.

I have un-dusted my old e-mail address that I have used back in the day for correspondence, when we still had the Forum. I intend to put this back into operation as well, soon (TM). On the off-chance there are still people from that Forum era, stumbling upon this section, well, what can I say? Things have been awkward and very difficult. I guess this goes for most people though. But, for what it’s worth, “welcome back!”. For me, there is a crazy amount of stuff to catch up with.

Now, I’ve totally forgotten how these TS4 updates work (that bit is probably what you were waiting for), but I’ll re-iterate you should not expect anything on that end. For the initial phase of re-starting this thing, I’ll just have to start somewhere, and go on from there. I heard, however, that “The Sims 4 community” has gotten jaded quite a bit though, due to the ongoing disappointment regarding the content? That may be an exaggeration, but does factor into the decision-making for the time being.

I think that’s all for now.





Sunday, June 4th 2023, @ 18:10 CEST

We are re-establishing control over the .site, more news will follow in the coming days. No personal information has been compromised.

As of now I do not know for sure what we are going to do with this. The last time this site has received an official update, (I vaguely remember), we still did something on The Sims 4. But that’s been ages ago. A lot of things happened since then, both positive and negative. I will write about this more.

One thing I can give away for now is, you probably shouldn’t expect updates on TS4.

– The_gh0stm4n (forgot to sign this message, initially :p )