About us

Games4theworld (or G4TW) is a non-profit platform aimed at providing free game & software downloads, coupled with tutorials that are primarily – but not exclusively – aimed at novice users. Despite the negative mainstream narrative about our type of activities and some backlash, the platform has been around since 2004. During this time period, the platform adopted many looks and facets. And yes, as with all things in life, there were upsides and especially downsides too.


A little history / Old Mission statement

Most providers of downloads never add a clear readme file. After countless of hours of searching, reading comments and just experimenting, you may still have problems getting your downloads to work by yourself. That’s how Games4theworld was born. The reason we do this is because we often got frustrated when we couldn’t get a download to work.

We started learning from each other, and we decided to help other people with their download issues as well. That’s how Games4theworld kind of started. We made the torrents as noob-friendly as possible. If people still had problems with their downloads, they could contact Games4theworld through e-mail, and we would help them out. In the beginning we were not familiar with most of the problems, but as more problems are reported and more fixes are found, we started to get “the feeling”. At some point Games4theworld started all over, due to accounts on torrent websites being removed for unknown reasons. Our original account on The PirateBay was removed without a reason too. This is where Games4theworld you know today started; this time even bigger than the first time. All torrents were repacked with new, better Installation Guides, and some other changes. A new team was formed too.

And look at us now: Games4theworld is today’s safest, most organized game and software torrent uploader on the internet, and the only group offering full support. Games4theworld’s goal is, and has always been ‘helping people’. Our main goal these days is to help people out and provide them with Downloads that are easy to install, just like it was back then. That does cost money, buying and maintaining equipment. But we are a non-profit foundation and we don’t earn anything doing this; it’s just for the fun. We all started as newbies those good old days, and we believe in helping today’s “noobs” with a spirit of kindness.


The different facets of the platform / New Mission statement

In the beginning, the platform maintained a rather informal internet presence. The focus on support primarily came in the form of e-mail & instant messaging. Shortly before the year 2010, fans and followers alike suggested to open a Forum, which was eventually done in March of 2010. Most of the support activities were then carried out on said Forum, which as of 2021 has become defunct, but still available as a read-only archive at this address here.

Even though the Forum eventually became the official channel of the platform, it was closed in mid-2020 due to the inability to provide consistent support, in line with the platform’s original mission statement. A certain degree of disenchantment also played a role in the decision to close the Forum, as is hinted at in the Forum’s closing announcement.

Several ventures into the realm of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) alongside the main Forum channel were also attempted in the early 2010s, but pretty much subsided by the end of the year 2018. Reasons were for the most part the backlash and related difficulties that we received due to our type of activities, such as shadowbans, de-listings, de-platformings, and so forth.

The longterm goal of the new website that you find here aims to fill the void a little bit, that was left in the aftermath of the Forum’s closure: provide an official and trustworthy source of free downloads, alongside a set of tutorials on using said downloads, plus articles on related subjects.

Note that this new website here, as stated on the homepage, is work-in-progress until further notice. The information below is subject to possible change, anytime, and without special prior notice. Unlike on many other websites, there are no comments underneath articles on here.

We shall be brutally honest again: we think the main purpose of most other website’s decision to allow comments is to goad people into posting hostile stuff, which in turn tends to invite more hostility, and which in turn brings ad revenue through click-maximization (and no, G4TW does not “earn anything” from the ads used here, as everything goes into upkeep of the platforms). Another common facet, closely related to the previous one, is that commenting sections tend to allow the circulation of unpopular opinions, which neither a writer of articles nor the platform owner will risk voicing in public. So instead, so-called sock puppet accounts are being employed to circulate unpopular opinions.

We do not see any reason to stoop down to that level, because we feel it is horribly wrong to do so, and – as hinted earlier – we have no financial incentives to do so. However, we may at some point re-introduce some type of email-contact-possibility, so people can drop us a line if need be.


Contact form

New website: https://games4theworld.site

Old website: https://games4theworld.org

Old Forum: https://games4theworld.forumotion.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOVoCvMSr6v9XbimkNGu5Og

ThePiratebay: https://thepiratebay.org/user/Games4theworld

ThePiratebay (Onion-mirror): http://piratebayztemzmv.onion/user/Games4theworld